Accelerated Christian Education offers a unique approach to education based on solid, Christian values found in the Bible. This individualized, academic program allows students to absorb academic materials presented at their own pace.  War Hill Christian Academy’s ACE Program is supplemented with Enrichment Classes that expose each student to experiences and critical thinking skills that prepare them to walk in their greatest potentialacademically,  socially and spiritually.

The Difference

What makes A.C.E. different from other curriculum providers is its individualized, mastery-based approach. PACEs allow students to absorb subject material at their own pace. Each student may advance according to individual learning style and ability. For instance, a student placed in the fifth grade in a traditional school setting may be taking varying levels of PACEs in the A.C.E. system. This same student could be taking Level 4 math, Level 5 science, and Level 5 English. Students may move ahead in some subject areas and proceed at a slower pace in others which ensures complete comprehension and mastery of all subject matter while keeping at bay peer pressure from other students and the fear of failure. 

Kindergarten and first-level students are taught implementing an intensive phonics-based program that requires direct instruction.  From the second level on, students are guided through the pace with the help of a classroom teacher.  

Mastery of fundamentals are vital at an early age to ensureeach student’s success for many years to come. Coupled with the well-rounded Biblical approach WHCA provides a solid academic program for all grades with an emphasis on Christian character and American patriotism.  

Your child will leave WHCA prepared to be an informed, discerning individual solidly equipped with the knowledge and abilities to equip them for success in future academic pursuits, career endeavors, and life in general.